What started as Eva’s  backyard family garden in 1972, has developed into a certified organic farm specializing in culinary herbs, greens, and flowers. Most of the produce is bought by Boston area chefs and Whole Foods. Deliveries from Eva can include wild foraged plants and vegetables from other nearby farms. She is exploring the microbes that make growing and eating healthier for humans and their planet. She experiments with wild edibles and parts of plants that are not well known.   In 2014, she became the first farmer to receive Wellesley College's prestigious Alumnae Achievement Award.  Eva’s Garden is the subject of a book called Wild Flavors written by Chef Didi Emmons. It is available at many libraries, book stores, and online.

"Natatcha escarole ears"
Natacha escarole ears

our staff

  • Eva Sommaripa- Queen Bee
  • Brett Maley- Farm Manager
  • Tyler Harris- Production Manager
  • Honey Bee Puder- Flower Manager
  • Phoebe Poole-Flower Manager
  • Laura Petrucci- Office Manager
  • Stephanie Andrews
  • Devon McGrath
  • Kayla Sudduth
"150 lb giant pumpkin"